KARIKTAN Dance Company is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) based in Concord, California. The organization’s goal is to promote Philippine Culture through dance and music by means of its members, consisting at the present time of 20 young adults ranging from age 16 to 32, and their families. It helps young Filipino-Americans learn about the cultural traditions of their homeland and helps to provide them with the opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of their native culture and instill pride in their heritage. In many ways, the participation in the folk dancing, the use of native costumes, playing instruments, and singing Filipino songs, teaches them not only about tradition but also occupies their time in meaningful activities, develop confidence, social skills and respect for their elders, their peers and ethnicity.

POLLY MANALO-HERRERA, Founding Artistic Director is a former dancer and choreographer of the world famous Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company, is the founding Artistic Director and consultant. She brought with her 46 years of experience in Filipino folk dancing. She has been instrumental in bringing KARIKTAN to its current stature as one of the best-known and most sought-after dance troupes in the Bay Area. She was nominated for the highly prestigious Isadora Duncan Award for excellence in cultural presentations and is a recipient of the PAMANA Heritage Award for her contribution to the preservation of Philippine Culture. We have regularly performed in various prestigious venues such as San Francisco’s Ethnic Dance Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts, Milpitas Fil-American Fiesta, San Francisco’s Tall Ships Festival, Travis Air Force Base, San Francisco & Oakland Folk Arts Museums, Reno’s Pacific-Asian Festival, FILIPINAS Magazine’s Most Distinguished Filipinos Annual Awards to name a few.

ROBBIE HERRERA, Artistic Director, has over 35 years experience in Filipino folk dance as a principal dancer, instrumentalist, dance master, and singer. Prior to becoming Artistic Director of the Kariktan Dance Company, he was the company’s Business Manager, Annual Full Show Producer, Lead Instrumentalist, Company Vocalist, and Dance Instructor.  Robbie is a classically trained tenor under the tutelage of Ms. Minda Azarcon, who also serves as the company’s music advisor.  Outside of the Filipino folk dance space, he has American musical theater experience with the Diablo Light Opera Company. He has also performed in numerous concerts with visiting Filipino celebrities as well as several Filipino and Asian-American events in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.


STEPHANIE HERRERA, the company Choreographer was literally born into Filipino folk dance.  A veteran of several Ethnic Dance Festivals as well as various cultural events both in the bay area as well as out of state, Stephanie started dancing at age 14 and never stopped. She's been a principal dancer and assistant choreographer for many years. She has also served as vocalist and instrumentalist for the company. Apart from Filipino folk dance, Stephanie is trained in modern jazz and tap dance.  She also has American musical theater experience with Stars 2000 and the Diablo Light Opera Company in Pleasant Hill.  Since the birth of Kariktan, Stephanie has served as it’s Cultural Director and Dance Mistress.

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